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GP Clinics — A CME Journal for Family Physicians

‘GP Clinics’ International monthly CME Journal...widely circulated across India and abroad...with clinical and practical information that can immediately be put to practice...easy-to-use, reader friendly format with diagnostic quizzes and high resolution colour essential to your practice

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GP Clinics, a monthly CME journal for family physicians, offers a convenient and time saving way to update your clinical knowledge. Its easy-to- use, reader friendly format with excellent color photographs provides an unmatched CME resource, which helps you in your day-to-day clinical practice.

GP Clinics Features

Action Filled Diagnostic Quizzes

  •  What's Your Diagnosis?
        Sharpen Your Physical Diagnostic Skills
  •  Photo Quiz:
        Self-Test Your Diagnostic Acumen
  •  Photo Essay:
        Focus on Signs and Symptoms
  •  Photoclinic:
        Foresee Your Next Patient
  •  Dermclinic:
        A Photo Quiz to Hone Dermatologic Skills
  •  What's the 'Take Home':
        Pearls From Clinical Cases
  •  Diabetes Q & A:
        Alpha/Omega of Beta Cell (and More)
  •  Case In Point:
        An Intriguing Diagnosis
  •  Radiology Quiz:
        Hone Your Interpretive Skills
  •  ECG Challenge:
        Test Your Interpretive Skills


  •  Diabetes Desk:
        Unite to See World Free of Diabetes
  •  Drugs in Practice:
        Critical Drug Reviews
  •  Pitfalls In Prescribing:
        How to Minimize Drug Therapy Risks
  •  Primary Care update:
        Brief Summaries for Clinical Practice


  •  Legal Pearls:
        Law Perspective in Medicine
  •  Pearls of Wisdom:
        Information I Wish I Had Known Earlier
  •  Nutritional pearls:
        Nutrition and Health

Lab Insight

  •  Know The Test You Order:
        Lab Report in Disease Management

No Discrimination

  •  Let's Talk TB:
        A Series on Tuberculosis


  •  Quick Case Workup:
        Critical Analysis to Reach At a Diagno
  •  Case Study:
        Real Life Cases

Medical Tips

  •  Practical Pointers:
        Discover Shortcuts in Medicine

Priority Updates From Research:

  •  Top Papers of the Month:
        Articles You Don't Want To Miss
  •  News You Can Use:
        Useful Information From The research
  •  Research Report:
        Current Research At a Glance

Handy journal best suited for

  •   Family Physicians
  •   General Practitioners
  •   AYUSH Doctors
  •   Primary Care Physicians
  •   Internal Medicine Practitioners
  •   Family Medicine Practitioners
  •   IMA Members
  •   GPA Members
  •   NIMA Members
  •   State Medical Councils’ Members


GP Clinics presents very crisp and easily palatable clinical information, which is sure to help Family Physicians improve their day to day patient care. GP Clinics would give its readers the required confidence to make difference in the life of patients. The latest development in medicine and high resolution colored pictures are the hall mark of the journal. All Family Physicians must take maximum advantage of GP clinics and encourage their colleagues to be part of the family, as I am sure the benefit is immense.
Dr Agam Vora, MD (Chest Physician)
In Charge, Department of Chest and TB, Dr RN Cooper Hospital, Mumbai.
Asst Editor, Journal of Association of Physicians of India
Ex Ass. Prof, Department of Chest and TB KJ Somaiya Medical College, Mumbai
Asst Editor, Journal of Association Physician of India (JAPI).
An excellent CME resource for practicing physicians in a 4 colored format throughout is quite unheard of in a medical journal. Diagnostic quizzes in a case study format with high resolution colored pictures is The 'Take Home' from the Journal. An excellent attempt. Kudos to the publisher and the authors.
Dr Ritu Singla MBBS, DNB
I have been associated with GP Clinics as a member of the Advisory Editorial Board for several years now. I find this journal to be an excellent means for imparting continuing education to family practice doctors in India and abroad. All efforts must be made to make this journal truly international. It would behoove the editors, editorial board, contributors, readers and other stakeholders to take upon this challenge. I wish the very best to this important Journal in our field.
Professor, Behavioral & Environmental Health
School of Public Health, Jackson State University, USA
GP Clinics is one of the most economical, reader friendly medical journal, available in India. It is full of practical and clinical knowledge acquired by decades of clinical practice by the wizards in the field of medicine. The Photo Quiz, CMEs, Legal Pearls, Newer Molecules…the list is endless…all this treasure is available at such an affordable price. Hence, I feel, every doctor, irrespective of the pathy, should subscribe to it for the benefit of himself/herself.
Dr Nitin Rajan Kochar, (MD) (Ayurved)
Hon. Ayurveda Consultant at KEM Hospital, Mumbai and University of Mumbai
A medical journal with a class and quality in presentation as well as content. All regular sections are quite informative to update us. 'Drugs in Practice' column giving critical analysis about all drugs for a chosen therapy area is quite interesting. Journal is a must read for all the practicing doctors to remain updated with current medicine.
Dr Gaurav Vijay, MBBS
I am grateful to GP Clinics for publishing 3 editions of the Let’s Talk TB book, and for making it free access. Their support for TB care and control is exceptional, and their desire to educate GPs, through GP Clinics, about evidence-based clinical practices is commendable. India needs more such publishers, since GPs and primary care providers are at the heart of the healthcare delivery system, and improving quality of medical care at that level is critical.
Prof Madhukar Pai, MD, PhD, FCAHS
Canada Research Chair in Epidemiology & Global Health
Director, McGill Global Health Programs
Associate Director, McGill International TB Centre, Canada
In a reader friendly format covering most of the subject areas required by GPs in their day-to-day practice, GP Clinics seems to be a well thought out and sincere effort by its authors and the publisher. A must on every practicing doctor's desk.
Dr Suman Aggarwal, MBBS
Amazingly educative, with articles, current news, case studies, Let's Talk TB Link and much more handpicked for GPs. The website ( refines our practical approach in a captivating and colourful way. Fully stands up to the true meaning of CME.
Dr Soham D Bhaduri, MBBS
Found a good journal for GPs after a long time. GP Clinics content is apt for its readers...covering topics, which GPs see quite often in their daily practice...quite useful...and moreover, high resolution colour photographs, clinical pearls, spot the digonosis, etc. ...are a treat to the eyes and mind scratching also...
Dr Praveen Aggarwal, MBBS, DVD


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